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Make stunning animated stills with Procreate, VSCO and Plotagraph.
By Shorsh   |   January 2018   |   iOS

Use your iOS device to animate still images or even illustrations, a great way to bring your pictures to life with visual effects, and make them more engaging when sharing them online. I’m pretty sure that you’ll find these apps very useful and fun.

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Amazing 3D visuals with Cinema 4d and Photoshop.
By Shorsh   |   July 2017   |   MacOS / Windows

In this new class I’ll guide you through the process of creating imagery using Cinema 4D and Photoshop on Mac or PC. We will be working with objects and displacers on C4D to create a composition, then we’ll render the outcome as a static image, import it to Photoshop and add some details and final touches to it.

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Create beautiful abstract artworks with Glitché and Mextures.
By Shorsh   |   July 2017   |   iOS

I like to be able to play with pictures everywhere, so today the smartphone is a great tool to try things out on the go and put your imagination quickly into action. In this class I’ll introduce you to a really simple procedure to convert photos into abstract digital artworks that also have a cool analog look using two popular apps for iOS.

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