I'm so grateful for all the good things that happened since I started sharing my work a few years ago. Here are some news and interviews about it. Follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates.

New verifyed Artist on SuperRare

I've created and minted my Genesis NFT, starting my own collection of original pieces of digital art on

Wacom’s Deep Dive: Jorge Luis Miraldo aka Shorsh

When looking at 2020 and what the trends might be, one artist we find truly inspirational is Jorge Luis Miraldo a.k.a Shorsh, an inspirational creative director...

Interview with Album Art Designer – Shørsh

Jorge Luis Miraldo (a.k.a. Shørsh ) is a Creative Director based in Argentina. He has worked in the advertising industry for many years and currently runs his own studio. Jorge is a passionate artist and loves everything about images...

Interview with Argentina Artist, JL Miraldo aka Shørsh

We are honored to have, Jorge Luis Miraldo aka Shorsh, as our Featured Artist, he is an amazing artist, one of our all time favorites we’ve come across, we saved him for the 200th feature...

The beauty of experimental synthesis, by Jorge Luis Miraldo

I am an art director and illustrator living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked for several years in the advertising industry for different agencies as a creative. I learned a ton of cool stuff back then...

Picsart Ambassador

Popular photo editing app Picsart distinguished me as a VIP artist on their platform to constantly feature and promote my work.

TRÁFICO, from Argentina, interviews Shorsh

In this interview I had with Tráfico we talked about the process behind my imagery and other interesting stuff. This article is in spanish.

S6 Art Quarterly Magazine No.2.3 / Cover artwork

The First Edition printing of the Fall 2017 Art Quarterly is a substantial 9 x 12 inches. With its cover artwork by Shorsh, it features original artwork from 50 diverse Society6 artists, off-set printed in rich color across 130 pages.


Jeff Hamada, founder of the art blog Booooooom, included Shørsh amongst the 20 S6 artist accounts that worths following on Instagram.